daniel pontius & cirilo domine

cirilo domine is a multimedia artist whose work has been exhibited and performed at deepriver, artist curated projects with mak center at the schindler house, huntington botanical gardens, exit art, plug in gallery and la municipal art gallery. while living in tokyo, he became fascinated with the tea culture and is currently a practitioner of the urasenke school of tea. cirilo brings to simeona leona a scholarly love of traditional crafts, their history and their artisan workmanship.

daniel pontius' first job out of grad school was making curtains for a 17th c wiltshire, england manor, updated in 1908 by detmar blow. arriving in manhattan after london, he designed custom fabrics and furniture for clodagh design international, followed by a key position in the interiors department of deborah berke and partners architects. in 2008, his love of interior design and textiles brought him to los angeles where he began working on interiors with private clients as well as crafting custom textiles for pat mcgann gallery, blackman cruz and hallworth design. simeona leona is an expansion of his love of textiles and interior design: a gallery dedicated to exploring the beauty and the narrative of the every day object. 



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