Third layer Indian Kantha Quilt Pillow - Blue Red Orange

Pillows made from Kantha coverlets.

These pillows because of their age reveal the 3rd and other layers under the top layer of sari fabric which creates a unusual and graphic pillow. Cotton on cotton. 

- 18” x 18”
- Images show front and back of individual pillows 
- Feather and down insert
- knife edge finish

Kanthas are made from recycled saris that were layered and quilted into coverlets. Gujarat, India Most newer coverlets are quilted in straight lines. This coverlet, which was found in Rome, reveals it's age with finer stitching done in squares instead of straight lines. This, not unliked a coiled cobra, which is what they are also sometimes called--Cobra quilts. 

Flaws in vintage and antique fabrics are valued and appreciated. These may include: patina, fading, odd stitching and the occasional raw edges. Please review images for product details and feel free to contact us for more information.