Futon Cloth, Rose Pillow

Rose Pillow

A group of pieceworks pillows made from vintage home spun cotton futon covers from Hebei or Shandong Province, China. The cloth fragments are indigo in shades of blue from light to dark--some with black cotton cloth and plaids with accents of free-form hand stitching.

The name Rose came thru a twisting route inspired from indigo dying. The process to finish dyeing a bolt of indigo cloth takes about a month and preparing the indigo bath is called 'raising the vat'. In Yiddish, Raise, is a girl's name that means Rose. Our Rose Piecework pillows are:

- Sold individually
- 21” x 16”
- Indigo cotton cloth on the reverse
- Hypoallergenic faux down inserts (feather and down available)
- Concealed zipper

Excellent condition. Flaws in vintage and antique fabrics are valued and appreciated. These may include: patina, fading, odd stitching and the occasional raw edges. Please review images for product details and feel free to contact us for more information.