Daniel Pontius is an artist and designer working with a variety of medias from cardboard to cloth; much of which is functional and decorative, to create sanctuary thru a desire for comfort and light.

    Pontius draws beauty out of humble materials through assemblage, piecework, and embroidery. His attention is always on a narrative of Beauty; and his creative process maintains a hands on mentality that comes from an appreciation of modest folk and anonymous works. His specialty is textiles and loves to view his interiors work through that lens curating them with exquisitely designed furniture and lighting from vintage and antique sources along with his own bespoke pieces that he has fabricated for clients.

    In 2003, he earned his Master’s of the Arts in Interior Design from Washington State University. In the following years, Pontius continued his art practice and work as an interior designer in London and NYC. In Los Angeles, 2014, he and his husband, artist Cirilo Domine, founded the design studio, Simeona Leona, named after their grandmothers, where they focus on their mantra, Beauty is within.